Kitchen tricks you should know to be a professional

The wisdom accumulated over the years by housewives is amazing, there is no doubt about that. Knowing just a couple of secrets it is possible not only to cook almost like a chef, but you can also store food correctly, thus saving it from spoiling before its time.

We have given ourselves the task of putting together a few kitchen tricks that can save you on more than one occasion. Using them is the simplest and best of all is that they save you time and money.

Kitchen tricks you should know

Shake a raw egg and then boil it: Before your eyes, a true golden egg

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Cut the cheese you need with everything and wrap. After eating it, you can use the wrapper to protect the rest

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A rolling pin can be substituted for an empty wine bottle

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If you want to restore a cold pizza to its original smell and taste, heat it in a saucepan, not in the microwave

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Do you have unexpected guests and nothing prepared? Cut the bread like in the photo, add cheese, herbs and baked!

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If you want to make a small cake but only have a large pan, use aluminum foil to create a wall

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So that the avocado does not turn black, keep it together with a piece of onion

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So that the pineapples are always fresh, place them upside down. This trick also works for fruits like papaya.

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