Ironing without an iron is possible

Yes, it’s possible to iron clothes without an iron , especially on those days when you’re out of time or you’re in a hotel and you need that shirt that’s all crumpled inside your suitcase.

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In these cases, there are two main options, see below.


Try steam ironing using a kettle. Yes, just put water in a kettle or mug and when it starts to boil, place the areas you want to de-knead close to the steam.

You can finish the technique by using a hair dryer on the wrinkled areas.

Just a detail: keep a distance of between 20 and 30 centimeters between the steam and the garment so as not to burn the garment.

On the hanger

Another method of ironing clothes without an iron is to use steam from the bathroom shower.

The idea is similar to the previous one, the difference is that you must put the clothes on the hanger and take them to the bathroom when you take a shower.

Close the door and windows so that steam does not come out. And leave the piece as close to the steam as possible.

The creases and dents should magically come out.

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