If you put garlic and laurel inside a glass jar, you will get abundant luck in 2022. But you have to do it as we explained

Did you know that the world moves by energies? Surely yes, but in addition, there are certain external factors that can help us to ensure that these energies are always positive and bring with them prosperity and abundance for us and our family, of course it also depends on the attitude we have towards life.

Today we want to share with you a “ritual” that will be very helpful to start this new year off on the right foot, it is very easy to do and surely you have the ingredients you need at home, if not, they are also easily obtained and at a very low price. accessible.

Attract good energies for this 2022 using garlic and laurel

As the saying goes “they fly, they fly”, so it is better to watch your back and do this little ritual that will surely be very beneficial for all the members of your family. Follow the procedure step by step and you will see how things flow.

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To make this ritual of good vibes, you will need the following ingredients:

1 small glass bottle with cork stopper
7 garlic cloves, peeled and washed
7 bay leaves washed
1 liter of mineral water
red ribbon

Next, we will explain the procedure step by step:

The first thing you should do is pour the mineral water into the glass bottle, once this is done, proceed to add the garlic cloves and the bay leaves.

Make sure the bottle is tightly corked, then shake gently. The last thing you should do is place the red ribbon on the top of the bottle forming a bow.

Once all the steps have been completed, place this preparation in your favorite place in the house, you will surely begin to notice how positive energies abound in your home with good news and much success for each one of those who make up your family.

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This is a new year, it will be full of infinite opportunities that we must take advantage of, and it never hurts if we give ourselves a “little help” by doing this powerful ritual that will attract a lot of good vibes for each goal and project that we have in mind.

We invite you to put it into practice and recommend it to your loved ones so that everyone has an unforgettable year.

Source: Quewebada

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