How to Whiten Clothes and Remove Old Yellow Stains

Without a doubt, it is a great challenge to keep our white garments super white, as we know over time the color loses its impeccable tone and could even turn yellowish or look old.

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Here are some home tricks that are highly effective for lightening white clothes easily and quickly.

– Use baking soda

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The star product we have at home is baking soda. It acts as a kind of detergent, but does not contain agents that damage clothes, as is the case with products that are aggressive with fabrics.

When washing white clothes, we are going to use sodium bicarbonate to lighten white clothes, eliminating even grease stains. Really a simple and economical formula.

– Use vinegar

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As we know, vinegar is not only used in the kitchen, but it also turns out to be a powerful lightener for white clothes and stain remover.

Place enough water and 1 cup of white vinegar in a bucket. We submerge the white garments and leave for approximately 1 hour, with the purpose of whitening them.

Once the resting time of the white clothes has elapsed, we wash them as we usually do and we will obtain excellent results.

– Sun exposure

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Without a doubt, the sun plays a very important role in whitening white clothes.

We may not know it, but the sun can be a great agent for lightening white clothes. Just lathering the clothes with neutral soap and leaving them exposed to the sun for 1 hour will be more than enough.

But beware, this method cannot be abused. Since although the sun whitens clothing, it can also damage it if we do it too often.

– Dry clothes inside

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Finally, to lighten white clothes you must turn them inside out and let them dry. This way of drying clothes guarantees greater care of getting dirty with a stain on the clothesline or in another way.


Do not mix white garments with colored garments, it is recommended to always wash inside out and in this way avoid the appearance of those little balls that make your clothes look older.
Do not use chlorine because the clothes spoil and wear out. Also, so that your white clothes look more than good, add the liquid soap with the juice of 2 lemons with a little salt. If we add the sun’s rays to this, the result will be optimal.

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