How to wash pillow in the machine: see the step by step and easy tips

How delicious it is to be able to feel your head in the clouds at bedtime, isn’t it? And so that this moment is always pleasant, your pillow needs cleaning. It’s not enough to just wash the pillowcases, you also need to wash the pillow itself. Do you want to know how to wash pillow in the machine and be able to use it always clean? Read on and put all our tips into practice.

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The first step – pillow label

In this tutorial on how to wash pillows in the machine, the first guideline is to look on the label if your type of pillow is machine washable. Pillows made from polyester, down and goose down are usually machine washable without any problems. Latex, viscoelastic, springs and “NASA” pillows are usually hand washed. But, the main tip is to really follow the directions on the label of each piece.

How to wash pillow in the machine simply and quickly
Pillow washing should be carried out every six months to remove surface stains and sanitize internally. We recommend changing pillows every two years. If you don’t usually use a protective cover, changing the pillow should be done in a shorter period of time. We recommend the monthly washing of the protective cover.

Before putting it in the machine, remove the pillowcase and protective cover (if you use it). The pillow should be placed vertically and to balance the wash cycle, it is ideal to wash two pillows at a time. In this case, it is recommended to use liquid soap (in a higher amount than usual) to avoid residues and replace fabric softener with vinegar. Use the cold and delicate wash cycle.

We also recommend that you program the machine for two rinses for complete cleaning of the filling. At the time of drying, the pillow should be horizontal. To avoid odors, let it dry well in an airy environment. If you have a dryer, you can finish drying in this way: after placing the pillows, put two tennis balls inside clean socks (one ball in each sock). The function of the balls is to fluff the pillow in this step.

How to wash a dirty pillow in the machine

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Here’s how to wash a pillow in the machine, even if it’s dirty. Before putting it in the machine, just make this little mixture and you will have a white pillow again! Remembering that this tip to remove stains is valid both for pillows that can be washed in the machine and for pillows that should only be washed by hand.

Make a note of the ingredients needed for the mixture that cleans up to two pillows:

  • A spray bottle;
  • 200 ml of water;
  • 2 dessert spoons of baking soda;
  • 50 ml of white alcohol vinegar;
  • 50 ml of liquid alcohol.

It is not recommended to replace any of these ingredients with chlorine or bleach. Mix all the ingredients in the spray bottle and spray the entire length of the pillows. Let the mixture act for thirty minutes to an hour, this will depend on the state the pillow is in. The more yellow, the longer.

If, after soaking for all this time, there is still some stain left, we also have the solution! Just apply a new mixture of sodium bicarbonate with hydrogen peroxide volume 10 on these stains. The proportion is 2 dessert spoons of sodium bicarbonate for 2 dessert spoons of hydrogen peroxide volume 10.

Stain-free pillow, now you can wash it in the machine following all the tips already mentioned here. Don’t want to go to the trouble of spraying? See how to wash pillow in the machine, even with stains and without the prewash step:

Put a mixture of half a cup of white alcohol vinegar tea and half a cup of baking soda tea straight into the machine. Proceed with washing normally.

There is yet another possibility to make use of in the case of stains. Make a solution with liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide, half a cup of tea each. Apply directly to stains before putting in the machine and you can follow with the wash.

With lysoform

When dosing the soap, add 100 ml of liquid lysoform to the machine. This is a potent mixture to leave your pillow clean, white, like new!

Care when washing the pillow in the machine

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If your pillow has any rips or tears, machine washing is not recommended. The piece will fall apart inside the machine, arrange for the pillow to be changed.

After going through the spin stage, you can squeeze the pillow to remove any water that may still be in the garment. I reinforce the importance that the pillow must be completely dry before returning to use, otherwise it can cause mold and bad smell.

Dry cleaning

So far, you’ve learned how to machine wash pillows. But, I want to take the opportunity to give a tip for those who prefer to do just a cleaning and don’t want to wash the pillows. This cleaning can be done every six months. Even with stains, it is possible to leave the pillow clean, sanitized and stain-free without needing to get wet. Follow with us.

Move the stained fabric away from the filling, apply only hydrogen peroxide volume 10 to the stains. Before handling hydrogen peroxide, it is recommended to wear gloves. Rub with a brush, always taking care that this hydrogen peroxide will only be on the stained fabric, without access to the pillow filling.

When you notice that the stain is gone, remove the excess of hydrogen peroxide with a magic multipurpose cloth, those cloths that have high absorption power. Let it dry and then you can go to the cleaning part, because your pillow is already stain free. At this stage, you will need baking soda. Spread over the entire surface of the pillow and let it act for an hour. Afterwards, use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum up the baking soda.

Flip the pillow over and repeat the same process. Finally, use a spray bottle to make a mixture with white vinegar of alcohol and 70% alcohol, 100 ml of each. Mix and spray onto a magic multipurpose cloth. Run the cloth along the entire length of the pillow. Hygienisation finished, you can use your pillow again.

Pillow cleaning maintenance

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We recommend that every fifteen days lysoform spray is sprayed on the pillows. If you don’t have the spray , you can use the traditional liquid in a spray bottle. If you do not have access to this product, you can use a disinfectant or 70% alcohol in the sprayer to sanitize the pillows.

From time to time, let the pillow air out in a ventilated environment.

Now that you know how to wash your pillow in the machine and all the care for your pillow maintenance, it’s time to take action. Do it right and your pillows won’t be deformed. Follow all the steps, whether washing or just sanitizing. That way, white and always clean pillows will be part of your home routine. Do you have any tips that you already practice and haven’t seen around here? Don’t forget to comment!

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