How to use Lemon Peel to take care of your Plants

Did you know that you can reuse many kitchen ingredients in your plants and garden? One of them is lemon peel, which has valuable nutrients so that each of your plants grows beautiful and super healthy.

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The lemon peel fertilizer supplies microorganisms that increase the nutrients in the soil, contributes to moistening, draining and improving the ventilation of the soil. In addition, it helps to conserve the water that plants need for their development and to reduce the deterioration of surfaces.

Benefits of lemon peel for your plants:

First of all, it is good for eliminating pests thanks to its acidity and high pH, ​​it can repel and kill pests.
In addition, lemon peel is an excellent repellent and natural fertilizer, thanks to its content of vitamin C and essential micronutrients for plant growth.
Finally, it is an ecological herbicide that will help pests and weeds that grow near your plants to disappear.

How to apply to your plants

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Irrigation water

Boil 1/2 lt of water and add the lemon peel. Leave on the fire for 15 minutes.
Remove from heat and wait for it to cool down, and then dilute in 1/2 lt of cold water.
Before applying, do a test on the leaf or stem of a plant and, if the next day is in good condition, you can apply it on the rest of the leaves every 3 days.

Fertilizer for land

You can also make lemon zest and place it on the soil of the plants to fertilize their soil and make them grow easier.


Use the juice of 2 lemons and mix the same amount of vinegar (it can be white or apple).
Finally, apply with the help of an atomizer.

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