How to Turn Yellowing Kitchen Appliance Plastic White Again

It is quite frequent to observe that with time our appliances take a yellowish color, they really give an old look or an old atmosphere.

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However, there is something we can do to combat that unpleasant color and give the appliances that we use so much the better look.

Tricks to remove the yellowish

1.- Sodium Bicarbonate

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As we well know, baking soda is the best ally in the kitchen, and also for many other things.

One recommendation is to take immediate action when we see the yellowing of appliances appearing:

First, we take a damp sponge and put the baking soda on the yellowish part, just a little.
Then, we rub where necessary, and again moisten the sponge repeating the procedure, we do it until the yellowish is eliminated.
Finally, we wipe with a damp cloth and dry with another kitchen towel.

2.- Glycerin Mix

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This method is used more for dark appliances where the yellowish it is more difficult to remove.

Mix only the following ingredients in equal parts: Xanthan Gum, Glycerin and Hydrogen Peroxide.

We mix all the ingredients to form a paste, but before using the preparation we put on the gloves to take care of our hands.

Another way is to apply the paste directly to the appliance on the yellowish area with a sponge and rub vigorously.

Then, we wipe it with a damp cloth to remove the paste completely, and finally, we wipe it dry.

3.- Oxygenated Water

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Without a doubt, hydrogen peroxide is very powerful as a solution. In fact, it is enough to moisten the sponge with hydrogen peroxide (volume 10).

It is essential to vigorously rub the yellowish area of ​​the appliance and leave it to act for about 20 minutes, then remove the product with a damp cloth or cloth.
We end up drying with a dry cloth.

4.- Chemical Mix

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This last trick is to eliminate the most difficult yellowish stains to remove, but with 2 combined products we can achieve it:

In a container we add 2 teaspoons of some stain remover powder and 200 ml of hydrogen peroxide of volume 30.
Then with a sponge we pass the mixture over the complicated stain and rub gently, let it act for about 10 minutes.
Next step, we remove the product with a clean and dry sponge.
Finally, we wipe with a dry cloth so that the surface does not deteriorate.

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