How to teach a children that no one can touch their body

Although it often seems very complicated to us and we have no idea how to do it, it is important that we explain to our children that no one should touch their body or force them to do anything they don’t want to. But how to do it without disturbing them about it?

There are certain rules that help children learn not to allow this type of contact:

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1- Teach him that his body is his and that no one can touch it without his permission.
2- Tell your child the name of each part of his body, in language that is appropriate for his age.
3- Talk about their right to refuse a kiss or a caress that they don’t like, even if it’s from a close family member.
4- Teach him to say NO firmly and immediately, when he feels that there is unpleasant physical contact or they try to force him to do something he does not want.

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5- Discuss the difference between a good and a bad secret, explaining that the seconds should be told to the person you trust the most.
6- Children do not have malice and this causes them to trust others; however, it is important that from an early age we teach them to distinguish between good and bad (good or bad contact).

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7- Make it clear that no adult has the right to ask children for help to do something (and even less so without parental permission). It is normal for an adult to ask another adult for help and not a child.
8- Show him that it is not okay if someone looks at or touches his private body parts, which are those that cover his underwear; And if that happens, don’t be afraid to say NO, leave the place and go to a person you trust to tell them what happened.
Keep an open conversation with your children so that they have the full confidence to tell you everything that happens to them, no matter if they are one, two, three or five years old. Make them feel safe and protected by you.

Source: Naranxadul

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