How to take care of a money plant easily – Guiana Chestnut

It is one of the best-selling plants on the market, and one of the most beautiful to have in our home .

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A plant that is not demanding with care, which is why it becomes one of the favorites of those who are new to the world of plants.

It is believed that having this plant at home will attract good fortune and money in abundance . For this reason, many people usually bury a coin in it, or they usually put a dollar between its leaves.

It is an indoor plant that does not require much care. However, there are things that we must take into account so that our plant grows healthy, beautiful and flourishes.

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– Irrigation

You should only water it once a week. Watering must be abundant, including the leaves.

– Climate

If it is very hot in the place where we have it or we are in the middle of summer, we water it more frequently. If it is winter, we water it approximately every 10 days. A good piece of advice would be to pay attention to the soil, if we see it dry it is time to water it.

– Temperature

They are plants that do not tolerate very low temperatures, so we must keep them indoors.

– Lighting

It needs a lot of light. The ideal is to put it near windows and doors. You should not give it direct sun.

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– Fertilization

We can do it once a month in the autumn and winter seasons, and once every 15 days in spring.

– Playback

Cut a twig about 10 centimeters long and put it in a glass of water. As the days go by, the roots begin to come out. We let them develop well and several are formed and then transplant them.

– Transplant

We need an appropriate substrate, so we recommend that you use peat with perlite, that is, it needs a porous and light substrate. We put the earth in a pot up to half and accommodate the plant being very careful with the roots. Then, we fill with more soil and water.

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