How to store strawberries in the freezer

If you’ve taken advantage of a strawberry sale and bought a lot of boxes, it’s best to take them to the freezer, as freezing the fruits will help keep them fresh and bacteria-free.

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For freezing you will need:

  1. The pre-selected strawberries;
  2. A knife suitable for cutting fruits or vegetables;
  3. Natural sugar syrup;
  4. A glass container;
  5. A glass cover;
  6. A roll of plastic film.

The freezing process is easy. Just follow the steps below!

  1. First, cut the green cap off the strawberries;
  2. Then place them in the glass container;
  3. Add natural sugar syrup (this step is not mandatory, but the syrup helps to preserve the flavor and texture of the fruit for much longer);
  4. Finally, you should choose to cover the container with plastic wrap or use a thick lid to seal the pot;
  5. Ready: now take it to the freezer and only remove it when eating!

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