How to store avocado that’s been already open

Once opened, the avocado ripens even faster and, with that, it also ends up rotting much faster.

To slow down this natural process, you should avoid the flesh of the fruit being exposed as much as possible.

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This is because every fruit, when in contact with oxygen, undergoes an oxidation process, causing it to darken, lose flavor and texture, in addition to gaining an unattractive look.

However, to keep avocado open, the tip is very simple. The first thing you need to do is preserve the pit.

Suppose you used only half of the fruit and intend to keep the other half. By keeping the pit, you reduce the area of the pulp exposed to oxygen, making the oxidation process take longer to happen.

Another foolproof trick is to drip lemon drops on the pulp that will be stored. Lemons are an old acquaintance of those who keep open fruit, and avocados are no different.

After keeping the pit and dripping lemon on the avocado, you still need to make sure it’s protected from the air. For this, nothing better than the good old plastic bag.

It could be the ones with a vacuum seal or even what you brought from the market. The important thing is to ensure that as much air as possible is removed from the plastic when wrapping the avocado.

Then take the fruit to the fridge and place it preferably in the vegetable drawer, where the air is not so cold.

Avocados can be kept this way in the fridge for up to three days.

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