How to squeeze lemons: trick to squeeze lemon with toothpick

This trick of how to squeeze lemon with a stick was the reason for the beginning of all this discussion on the internet about the right and easiest way to make a good lemonade or caipirinha. On the social network TikTok, a hashtag #lemonhack was created with thousands of videos of people testing the tip.

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If you also want to learn how to squeeze lemons in less than 30 seconds using just a toothpick, check out this step-by-step lemon squeeze trick below:

Soften the lemon

As we explained earlier, rolling the lemons with the rind on top of a surface such as a table or counter can go a long way in releasing the fibers and extracting the juice from the fruit.

Softening the lemons, using a lot of pressure with your hands, is essential for the toothpick trick to be effective. So don’t skip this step!

Pierce the tip of the lemon with a toothpick

Use a barbecue stick, skewer, thick needle or chopstick (Japanese food stick) to poke a hole in the tip of the lemon opposite that of the peduncle. The hole must be deep, as it will serve as an exit point for the fruit juice.

Remove the toothpick and squeeze the lemon

Now, just remove the toothpick from the fruit and squeeze the lemon with your hands. The juice will come out completely through the hole you made with the toothpick! Simple, isn’t it?

The advantages of this method are many! First of all, he doesn’t get his hands dirty and he doesn’t need knives and wringers. In addition, this trick allows you to store the lemon in the fridge without it drying out, if you don’t use all the juice at once. This conservation happens because the hole you made in the lemon is very small and, thus, the fruit will not dehydrate if it is returned to the fridge.

Another positive point of this technique is that it is also effective when squeezing oranges!

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