How to sharpen a Nail Clipper (or Pliers)

Generally, at home we have a manicure kit and more precisely a nail clipper. The vast majority of us have these tools to keep our nails in perfect condition.

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In fact, the pliers help us for the cuticles, it is essential and also their proper maintenance. This includes doing a correct sterilization to avoid diseases, even if we give it exclusive use.

Also, using a very sharp pliers will help us not to hurt the nails or the skin. The health of the cuticles make our nails look clean and healthy.

Here are some methods to sharpen the nail clipper:

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1) With aluminum foil
We make a ball with aluminum foil and cut it with the pliers. By doing this, the blades will stay in contact with the aluminum foil that has the ability to sharpen. We can repeat the procedure until we are sure that the tweezers are cutting well.

2) With nail file
If we notice that our pliers lacks edge, we can use the nail file to sharpen. We can also use sandpaper. Just to apply and move the sandpaper over the blades of the pliers is enough.

It is important to polish the sandpaper in a uniform way so that the edge does not go uneven, we must do it little by little. Also, it is necessary to check its sharpness, we don’t want to overdo it.

3) With emery
In the case of choosing a job well done and with longer-lasting results, we take it to a professional or we can do it ourselves. In fact, many have an emery board at home that is practical and easy to use.

Another suggestion is that we can prepare a product that softens the cuticles to remove them more easily and quickly.

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1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp moisturizing body cream
3 drops of extra virgin olive oil

How to use:

Add the ingredients to a bowl and mix very well.
We apply on the nails making circular movements on the cuticles, leave to act for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of cold water.
To finish, we push the cuticles with a spatula.

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