How to remove hair from black clothes: 5 tips + 1 extra tip

If you have furry animals at home, you must have had a situation where your pet jumped on you or on the clothes you had separated to go out. At these times, it even gives your heart a squeeze, doesn’t it?


Pets shed hair and inevitably that hair proves to be a nuisance to get out completely, even after a few washes. This problem is even more common with darker colored clothes, especially black ones, as animal hair is usually lighter and ends up standing out even more.

But don’t worry, we have amazing tips to get hair out of black clothes!
Surprisingly, there are very simple and effective ways to solve this problem, but that many people don’t even know about. But don’t worry, you will meet them now!

1- Adhesive tape

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Probably the most famous solution on the list is good old fashioned duct tape. Just apply the “sticky” side of it to your clothes and then pull the tape, pulling out the hairs in the process. You can repeat the process with the same piece of tape until the tape is very hairy and needs to be replaced.

While it’s a cost-effective measurement (after all, who doesn’t have a roll of masking tape at home?), it’s not a perfect measurement. The tape can end up damaging less resistant prints, in addition to covering a relatively small area per application. Still, it is quite effective for removing hair from black or darker clothes efficiently.

2- Kitchen sponge

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A lesser-known method than masking tape, but still very popular, is to use a damp kitchen sponge to remove the hairs on your black clothes. However, be careful: the right thing is to always use the soft side of the sponge for this purpose, as the rougher side can damage less resistant clothes, ruin prints or even tear some more delicate fabrics.

Also, always keep the sponge you use to remove hair from black clothes separate. Not only to stay organized, but also to avoid the danger of mixing with other sponges used for other purposes.

3- Razor blade to remove hair from black clothes

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Also used to remove polka dots from clothes, the common razor blade also helps a lot when removing hair from black clothes. However, unlike more direct methods, this one requires patience. Because of their sharp nature, razor blades need to be careful not to cut your clothes.

To clean, firmly pass the “head” through the fabric, carefully pulling the hairs of the clothing with the blade. Always stop for a while to remove hair from the blades, thus ensuring maximum efficiency. While effective, this method is slower than the others, so patience is essential to not damage your clothes.

Again, as it is an item normally used for personal hygiene, it is necessary to separate a blade exclusively for removing hair and balls from clothes.

4- Sticky rollers

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Made specifically for this task, the famous remover rollers, or adhesives, are varied on the market. They usually consist of small rollers, which resemble Velcro and are simple to use: Simply run the remover through the fabric to easily and efficiently remove hair from black, colored and white clothes.

Their great charm, however, is that they are extremely practical and effective, as they were made for this task. You take it out of the packaging and iron it on your clothes, without any secret, and it is guaranteed that it will clean without damaging. Prices on the market range from R$20.00 for the simplest to R$150.00 for the largest and most luxurious.

But it’s always good to remember: research which models best suit your needs before making the purchase, as many models also serve to remove hair from other things, such as sofas and rugs.

5- Rubber or latex gloves

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A very useful method of removing hair from black clothes if you have animals with longer fur is to wear rubber gloves, such as those used for household cleaning. When you run your gloved hand through the fabric, the friction generated is enough to clean, pulling hairs as you run your hand through the clothing.

In addition to being intuitive and efficient, this method can also be a quick fix and help you get rid of the animal’s own loose hair by petting it, helping your pet to leave less hair around the house.

Extra tip: how to avoid hair on clothes

Although you now know how to remove hair from black clothes, the most important thing is to prevent the problem. After all, you don’t have to remove hair from clothes that don’t have hair, do you? Some ways to ensure this are:

  • Brush your pets at least once a week : – This helps your pet to shed less hair around the house, and helps them change their coat at the turn of the seasons.
  • Always leave the washing place clean : if you have washed clothes with hair in the washing machine, it is good to check to see if there are no hairs inside.
  • Leave your clothes in a place that your pets don’t have access to : wardrobes usually solve the problem, but always keep an eye on pets, as some are more curious and end up getting in where they shouldn’t.
  • Avoid buying or using fabrics that clump more hair: hair naturally clings more easily to certain materials, such as polyester, acrylic and other synthetic fabrics. Avoid them so you have to remove less hair.

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