How to prevent ants from entering your home: 9 infallible tricks

How many times has it happened to us to enter the kitchen and find a long line of these insects carrying food or crumbs?

As we well know, this is very annoying, however they are not dangerous. While it is true that there are ants that sting, they also help control other pests.

Surely, we have responded to this invasion by spraying insecticide to eliminate them. Fortunately, there are other alternatives and home solutions that we can apply and put an end to this.

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These are simple tricks but they do not fail, the objective is to prevent ants from entering our home:

  1. Seal the entrance

If we see that there is a row of ants, we must follow it to the entrance or beginning of the path. In case of finding a crack or crack, the measure to take is to seal or put putty.

If we do not find the anthill, it may be in the pipes or where the cables are inserted and seal them immediately.

  1. Sponge with soap and water

We can simply exterminate the ants with the sponge with soap and water, we must eliminate those that are inside the house, those that managed to enter. Remember, those that are outside have the objective of controlling other pests.

  1. Avoid tall grass

The best recommendation is to keep the garden at a certain distance from the house, since the ants build their nest there. Also, grass and tall bushes help them enter the house.

  1. Preserve food well

Food containers should be well sealed or closed, particularly sugar, honey and even pet food.

You also have to keep the pet’s plate clean once they have eaten, another suggestion is to place it on containers with water.

  1. Keep the place clean from food and beverage residues

This is the best way to prevent ants from invading, so you have to take care that there are no sticky residues or grease stains on the floor.

  1. Take out the garbage

At the end of each day you have to remove the garbage from the kitchen, to ensure that the ants have a blocked access, Vaseline can be placed on the inside edge of the garbage can lid. It is the best way to put up a barrier and prevent ants from invading the garbage.

  1. Prevent ants from invading the pot

In the event that ants invade a pot, we can submerge it in a mixture of water and insecticidal soap. You can even take the pots out to the garden or balcony.

  1. Fix leaky pipes

It is essential to repair the leaks in the pipes, not only do the ants look for food, but they also look for water.

  1. Place a bait trap for ants

If we observe an ant infestation in the garden, we can use insecticide bait to attract the ants and take us to the anthill. In this way, the entire colony will be struck down.

We just have to be careful with children and pets.

Let’s apply these infallible tricks to prevent ants from entering the house!

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