How to plant Zanzibar Gem?

What is Zanzibar Gem?

Before learning how to plant Zanzibar Gem, understanding what plant this is can help a lot. Some characteristics such as sunshine, amount of water and appropriate location are very important information that ensure that Zanzibar Gem and any other plant survives your apartment.

Straight from Tanzania, Africa, the Zanzibar Gem is a small to medium-sized plant, reaching a height of one meter. Despite the Savanna’s warm environment, this plant is not a fan of the sun. So much so that you only find it under trees that provide good shade throughout the day. With this information, it is already possible to deduce that it is perfect for an environment with low natural light such as an apartment.

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How to plant Zanzibar Gem?

One of the things that should be considered before planting any plant is the size of the pot. Typically, the size of the pot will vary depending on the size of the plant and the number of seedlings you are planting together. Knowing how to choose the right pot when learning how to plant Zanzibar Gem is very important. If this plant, for example, doesn’t have enough space to develop its root, it may not grow as healthy as it should.

With that, the tip of which pot size to choose to know how to plant Zanzibar Gem is: buy one that has, at least, the square of the size of the planted root. That is, if the plant has at least one meter of root, make sure that the area of land for the plant is at least one square meter.

It’s not just putting soil either. There are other tips on how to plant Zanzibar Gem the right way for it to develop. See this step-by-step guide on how to plant Zanzibar Gem before just putting soil and watering.

  • Before purchasing your vase, make sure there is a drain underneath for excess water. If so, place a properly sized basin underneath to keep your floor from getting wet every time you water. If not, you don’t have to worry. Nothing will change the way you plant Zanzibar Gem.
  • Before thinking about placing the plant and soil, place clay balls to make room for root growth. Don’t put too much, just enough to cover the bottom of the vase.
  • Put soil to cover the clay balls and moisten a little.
  • Now, place the Zanzibar Gem seedling in the pot.
  • Then, place another thin layer of clay balls and fill with earth.
  • Moisten the soil well and place it in an environment where the Zanzibar Gem does not receive as much direct natural light.

You have already learned how to plant Zanzibar Gem in the pot. The technique used with clay balls ensures space for root development. It also helps with soil irrigation and plant oxygenation.

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