How to plant a rose stem step by step

In this article we are going to teach you how to plant a rose from a stem following a few simple steps.

Here you will discover that this is the easiest way to grow a beautiful and fragrant rose that you can reproduce from a bouquet or thin cuttings.

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1 teaspoon of honey
2 teaspoons aloe
1 teaspoon of wood ash
120 ml of filtered water


1.- We begin with the preparation of the cuttings , cutting the flower at a right angle, leaving only the upper part of the stem with 3 to 5 shoots and several leaves. Oblique roughing is also important.

2.- Then, we combine the honey , aloe and ashes in a container, and then we pour it into a mixture with 120 ml of filtered water.

3.- In the next step, we immerse the cuttings in a nutrient solution for half a day. Note that they take longer to recover if they are severely stunted.

4.- In this passage of time, we are going to remove the cuttings from the stimulating solution and transplant them into the ground.

5.- Remember that the cuttings must be well covered so that they do not dry out . To achieve this, we can preferably use a plastic bottle such as a transparent plastic bag.

6.- Another very important recommendation is to leave the pot with the cuttings in a warm place, and open the bag from time to time so that the plant receives the necessary dose for oxygenation.

7.- It is important to moisten the soil , especially if the soil is very dry.

When will the cuttings awaken?

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The reality is that everything depends on the temperature and the state of the plant, but on average it takes 30-45 days to root. Only when well rooted, can it be planted in the garden or in pots .

With the cuttings that are in pots , we can put some branches that are somewhat decorative on the edge, and it is important to put a plastic bag over them.

In the next step, we spray and water the cuttings as needed to hydrate them , thus keeping the soil moist.

Seedling care

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In addition to frequent waterings , the location of the seedlings in the apartment is important. It is better to use the window sills on the south side of the house and control the light and temperature of the room. The first 1-2 months , while the cuttings are just taking root , they need a temperature of about 20-30 ° C and high humidity . In winter, the pots can be placed in a cooler place (at least 15 ° C) and ventilated regularly.

Cuttings planted in fall should flower in late spring or summer and winter seedlings in August, with proper care. In spring , bushes that have taken root can be transplanted into the open ground, where they receive moisture from rain and sunlight.

To keep rose bushes beautiful , they need to be pruned. In the early stages of growth, it is important to remove all emerging leaves and shoots as they interfere with development.

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