How to mop with mothballs to keep cockroaches, spiders and ants out of your house

It can become very frustrating that despite cleaning the house every day, our house is invaded by unpleasant and even dangerous pests for our health.

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There is a mixture with the incredible quality of keeping pests away, it also gives your floors an impressive shine and leaves a delicious aroma.

Next, we show you a homemade trick to mop with mothballs and drive away cockroaches, spiders and ants from your house.

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You need:

15 mothballs
1 capful of fabric softener
200 ml of white vinegar
3 tablespoons dish soap

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Step by step:

Pulverize mothballs.
In a very large container, it can be a bucket, pour the naphthalene powder.
Add 1 liter of hot water to dissolve.
Move with a spatula so that it is well dissolved.
Add the white vinegar and liquid soap.
Mix well to incorporate the ingredients.
Add the cap of fabric softener and mix well.
Add 2 liters of water at room temperature.
Mix all ingredients.
Mop with this mixture as usual.

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