How to make your home smell nice: 7 essential care tips


1- Cleaning up to date

A clean home is the first step to having a fragrant home too. So make it a habit to sweep and mop the floor regularly, wash the dishes, clean the stove and sanitize the sanitary ware.

These everyday cleaning tasks are essential for eliminating bad odors. Otherwise, you’ll just be making up for the bad smell and dirt.

2- Check sewer pipes

Another thing that can get in the way of dreaming of a fragrant house is sewer pipes that are poorly sealed or insulated. It could be the bathroom drain that is backing up, the kitchen siphon that is poorly connected and so on.

If you happen to notice that these pipes are not properly sealed, have them repaired.

3- Clean the trash cans

It is not enough to just remove the garbage. It is also important to get into the habit of washing the trash in the house at least once a week.

4- Organize the fridge and pantry

Spoiled, moldy and expired foods also interfere with the odor of the house. Can you imagine a fruit bowl with rotten bananas? The smell is not good at all. Therefore, before you want to perfume the house, do an inspection of the cupboards, refrigerators and fruit bowls, eliminating everything that is inappropriate for consumption.

It’s also important to package foods correctly, especially those with strong odors like garlic and onions. That way you prevent unpleasant smells from spreading in the environment.

5- Change bed and bath linen

The human body is constantly shedding dead cells as well as secretions like sweat. And do you know where all this will end up? On bed sheets and bath towels.

Over the days, these fabrics naturally absorb bad odors, so get into the habit of changing your bed and bath linen every week.

6- Pets corner

If you have pets at home, you know that they are also responsible for the odors present in the environment. Therefore, you need to ensure that their corner is always clean and sanitized, including not only the place where the cat needs to go, but also the bed and the water and food bowls.

7- Let the light in

A clean and fragrant house also needs lighting and ventilation. This is even the main way to prevent mold and control the proliferation of mites.

When you wake up in the morning, open all windows and doors and keep them that way for some time, even in winter.

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