How to make the spider-plant bloom

The spider-plant, is the best option for those who would like to have a plant in their home that is easy to care for.

Lazo de amor is not at all demanding when it comes to care, if we give it the little care it should be given, it will bloom very beautifully.

Flowering usually happens in the spring and its little flowers are white that sprout from a long rod-like stem that comes from the same plant.

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When this plant blooms it looks beautiful, so we will give you 3 basic care that it needs to give us a spectacular flowering.

With these very simple tips to follow, your plant will be filled with hundreds of flowers, it is also very easy to reproduce so do not stop having one in your home.

How to make the ribbon ivy plant bloom

  1. How to water a love ribbon plant so that it flourishes

Let us remember that plants are living beings, and although many of them are resistant, they need water to be able to hydrate and develop.

For this reason, we should not trust ourselves, if we see that the substrate is dry we should water the plant immediately. In this case, watering it every 7 days will be more than enough. This must be an abundant watering, to ensure that the plant remains well hydrated until the next watering.

  1. How much light does a love ribbon plant need to flower?

For a Love Bond to flourish, it needs to be placed in the right place. Although it is true that this class of plants needs a lot of light to grow, if we have it exposed to the sun, its leaves can burn.

Therefore, the perfect location for it would be inside your home and near a window so that it receives good light. Always making sure that the sun’s rays do NOT hit it so that its delicate leaves are not damaged.

In addition to this way, we will be ensuring the good health of the plant, its leaves will turn very green with that lighter stripe that characterizes and distinguishes it.

  1. What substrate and fertilizer does a love ribbon plant need to flourish?

For this plant to flourish, we must make sure to give it the necessary nutrients so that it has the strength to endure this entire process.

For this reason, the ideal substrate for the Lazo de amor will be a mixture of peat, vermiculite and earthworm humus. This last ingredient will significantly improve the properties of the substrate, making it the best for your plants.

We advise you not to stop fertilizing your plants, only by giving them the necessary nutrients will they be able to flourish.

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