How to make hair bows step by step. Your daughters will love them!

When we were just little girls, our hair was possibly adorned with many different colored and sized bows. Now that we are older we can make our own bows , either to place them on our hair as a hairstyle or on clothes, also, if you have daughters you can let your creativity run wild and make them bows whenever you want. Learn how to make bows step by step with our tips .

Get whatever material you want, from ribbons to fabric, and let your creativity run wild for a while. Today we are going to give you some practical examples so that you master bow making and can start from there with new and original designs.

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Learn to make simple bows with these steps

For this bow you only need ribbons and scissors. You are going to cut the ribbon according to the size of the bow you want, then you are going to form a proportional M with that ribbon to later make an X.

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When you get to this point, you will notice that a circle has been formed at the bottom and you are going to pass the right end there until you form the loop . Make sure the tips are firm so that your new creation is not spoiled and that’s it.

Easy double bows

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You are going to take two thick ribbons and cut them depending on the size that your bow will take. With the help of liquid silicone , take one of the ribbons and glue its ends, do the same with the other and then start joining them in an X shape so that you can sew them and have a big bow. You can make another bow with thin ribbon to make it look combined and more beautiful .

Bows for girls

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This time you will need 3 pieces of tape, two of them should be the same size while the other will end up with a smaller size.

As with the previous bow, you are going to glue the ends of each one and glue two of them in an X shape , the remaining one that will be the smallest, you will glue it in the middle. Optionally you can add some beads or a piece of ribbon in the middle of your new bow and that’s it.

In any of these 3 designs you can vary with the color and thickness of the ribbons, the important thing is that the result is what you expect.

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