How to make bottles with lights as Christmas decorations

Repurpose clear wine bottles to create a beautiful lighted arrangement for this Christmas.

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Put inside a series of LED lights that do not generate heat and that you can run on batteries or directly on the electrical current to create a beautiful Christmas design.

Materials :

Clear glass bottles
Acrylic or spray paint in white or Christmas tones
Adhesive paper

Procedure :

  1. Use the sticky paper to trace a Christmas shape and carefully cut it out.
  2. Glue this figure directly onto the bottle.
  3. Paint the bottle with your chosen acrylic or spray paint.
  4. Allow to dry completely and remove the adhesive.
  5. Introduce a series of light inside.

Other variants :

Instead of painting, you can varnish the bottle with white glue and cover it with glitter or diamond.
If you have skills with painting and drawing, you can paint a beautiful Christmas design directly on the bottle.

1.- Bottles painted with letters, ribbon and lights .

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2.- Bottles painted blue with golden letters .

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3.- Bottles with branches and pine cones with lights .

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4.- Bottles painted with Christmas tree and ribbon prints .

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5.- Bottles with figures of reindeer, pine trees and stars .

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6.- Bottles with blue glitter and golden lights .

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7.- Bottle painted with lights and drawing of pines .

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8.- Bottles painted with figures of pine trees and snowflakes .

8 4

9.- Bottle painted with lights and prints of snowflakes and letters .

9 3

10.- Bottles painted with figures of pine trees and lights .

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