How to make a sansevieria bloom and scent last longer

The Sansevieria is a plant perfect for decorating any space in your home without fear that die, because being so strong, it can survive even in the less illuminated spaces .

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In addition, it is not demanding with watering , today we will show you how to make a sansevieria bloom and its aroma last longer .

The trifasciata Sansevieria , better known as tongue -in- law , sword of St. George , or tongue tiger , is a plant native to Africa , which became very popular to decorate any interior space , it is a cream survivor .

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Getting a sansevieria to bloom may seem difficult, but it is not impossible. We just have to match the conditions of its natural habitat as much as possible , but the sansevieria does not require much care unlike others .

Location and Light : although it is a plant that can adapt in poorly lit spaces , the ideal is to place it near a window that has lighting so that its leaves can develop strong and its color remains very green , you should know that its growth is slow It only creates 3 to 4 new leaves a year , when its leaves look upright is a way of telling you that it needs more light .

small and big sansevieria, dracaena trifasciata in the pot
Beautiful, organic plant in the store

Watering : the ideal is that you do not water it daily , only when the substrate is completely dry . In winter season it only needs water 1 to 2 times a month .

Fertilizer : apply fertilizer in late spring and early summer and only once a month until the temperature begins to drop in autumn, I recommend that you use fertilizer to plant flowers , as it will provide the necessary nutrients to develop their beautiful aromatic flowers , which appear in late summer and smell like vanilla and banana .

snake plant flower
Snake Plant Flower

Pruning : it will never occur to you to trim its tips because it will lose its beautiful shape , it is not a plant that needs pruning, but you can remove the leaves that are drying to prevent it from developing diseases .

Transplant : if your pot is already small, the best thing you can do for it is to change it to a larger one in early spring , that is, between March and April, place pebbles or pieces of clay at the bottom of the pot to make sure it has good drainage and does not puddle. Additionally, you will have to replace the substrate so that it absorbs the properties of the earth .

This is how easy you can get your sansevieria to bloom to aromatize your home without having to add flavoring every so often, it smells delicious and its flowers last 2 to 3 weeks before they dry.

Not only is it a beautiful plant to decorate, but it is one of the most recommended to purify the air in your home in a natural way , since it eliminates toxins such as benzene , toluene , xylene , trichlorethylene and formaldehyde , so you can breathe air clean .

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