How to maintain the Laceleaf easily

The anthurium flower is a kind of brightly colored leaf that grows around a small spike, the flower itself, called a spadix.

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To maintain the anthurium flower, it is recommended to keep it at a temperature of 21º to 27º C to preserve the flower throughout the year. Otherwise you will have flowers for 8 weeks in the summer.

Although the anthurium flower is an exotic-looking plant and its care is not complicated, with these tips you will be able to have a beautiful plant.

Once it has flowered it will not be difficult to keep it that way throughout the year. Make sure to maintain high humidity, which is essential throughout the year.

It is recommended to spray it daily at about 15 cm from the leaves, you can also place the pot on a plate with gravel, taking care that the roots do not have direct contact with water.

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Clean the leaves with a damp cloth , preferably with rainwater. This will ensure that there are no white spots on the leaves.

Sometimes the flowers grow large, very heavy for the stems, so it will be necessary to hold them with fine rods.

The yellowish spike or spadix that is in the center of the spathe should be cut to make it last longer and look better.

In spring – summer place the plant in a bright place, but without sun. Water it abundantly, if possible using rainwater. The ideal temperature is 25ºC, try to keep it constant.

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In autumn – winter, move the plant to a place as warm as possible, and try to keep the temperature always above 17º or 18º C. Don’t let it get drafty because it will lose flowers quickly .

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