How to keep the intense Red Color on Christmas Eve

The poinsettias are the emblem of that Christmas has arrived. If you bought one of these in a pot, it is likely that it does not have the intense red tone that characterizes it, therefore, today we are going to reveal how to preserve the red color in poinsettias.

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First of all, you should know that the petals of the Poinsettia or Easter flower are not, rather they are leaves and they change their hue during their breeding season, which includes the winter season (November January).

Have you ever bought a scarce red poinsettia? This occurs because the plant has not been in the best conditions or because it has received a lot of light or excess heat.

Tips to take care of Christmas Eve and they last you in perfect condition:

Next, we will show you some tips so that your Christmas Eve always has red leaves:

1- If it is a plant with many years, after the winter season, reduce its watering and put it in a cool place , where it does not receive direct heat. Thus, your plant will be ready to rest.

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2- Prune Christmas Eve at the end of January if you want to keep its leaves red next year. Cut its branches diagonally with the help of disinfected scissors, once it no longer has leaves.

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3- At the arrival of spring, remember to place substrate and compost so that it can be enriched with nutrients.

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4- During the autumn months, we suggest you change places on Christmas Eve; Take it to places where it won’t get as much light or heat for at least half a day .

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