How to grow a Jade Tree from a leaf

Having plants in the home gives us a warm climate, and many of them transmit us the positive energy that will brighten our days.

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But today, succulents have won the award for the most popular to have in our home . It will be because they are easy to harvest, to maintain and do not require much watering.

Today we are talking about the famous jade tree , and we will explain how to reproduce it from the comfort of your home .

Cinnamon method to reproduce a jade tree

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You Will Need:

Various jade tree leaves, no matter their size is different
Cinnamon powder
A shallow pot or any container you own
Universal substrate

Step by Step:

As a first measure, you will take all the jade tree leaves that you have and you will pass them one by one a soft cloth to remove any residue .
Now you will place the cinnamon powder on a plate.
Pass each part of the stem of each jade tree leaf through the cinnamon .
This is done so that the base of the leaves heals properly.
Now take the shallow container and fill it with the universal substrate .
The time has come to place the selected sheets looking up , and regardless of the distance , one by one .
There will be a container full of leaves neatly placed and barely separated from each other. They have to be supported but not buried .
During this process keep in mind that your leaves do not require watering , only with a sprayer every 3 or 4 days spray each one, but no more than that.
After a while, you will notice that the first shoots will begin to emerge from each base of each leaf as small leaves that are neither more nor less than your succulents.
Once you see these apparitions, you can transfer them to individual pots to transform into jade plants.

Method to reproduce a jade tree in water

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You Will Need:

Film paper
Leaves or stem of jade tree

Step by Step:

You will take the glass and fill it with water.
Once with water, you will cover it entirely with plastic wrap.
Now at the top you will proceed to make a hole in the center .
You will place the leaf or stem of your jade tree in this hole.
In this way, the leaf or stem will remain above the film and the base of the leaf or trunk inside the glass touching the water .
You will notice in a few days that both the leaf and the stem will have begun to generate roots .
When the roots have a considerable size it will be time to remove them from the glass and transplant into the pot where they will grow strong and very healthy.
With either of the 2 methods you can get a beautiful pot with a nice jade tree.

Let’s talk about the jade tree :

It is also known as the money or dollar or abundance plant .
Originally from Mozambique.
From the succulent family.
It has very fleshy leaves .
There are more than 1400 varieties.
It requires very little care , good drainage , watering every 15 days and in winter watering every month .
It should not receive direct sunlight , but a lot of light.
Prune it in spring or summer to avoid pests such as fungi or bacteria.
It is recommended for the cold months , to keep it inside the home, since the cold can wilt it.
Do not place them in places such as the bathroom or kitchen , given the high moisture content that is generated in them.

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