How to get gum out of clothes

Here we present more than one methods you can remove gum from clothes. Use the one that fits your needs the best.



Ice is one of the most practical, quick, efficient and safe ways to get gum out of fabrics, whatever it is. The magic here is simple: the ice hardens the gum and this causes the candy to lose its elastic capacity, making it easier to get out of clothes.

To do this, just place two ice cubes on the gum (or as many as you need) and wait about 20 to 30 minutes. When you notice that the gum has hardened, take a blunt and blunt knife (butter knife is ideal for this mission) and peel the gum from the edges until it comes out completely.

If you notice that some pieces of gum are still stuck to the fabric, remove them with the help of your nails. Then wash the clothes in the usual way.


The freezer technique is very similar to that of ice, only instead of using ice cubes you put the clothes completely inside the freezer.

First, of course, provide a bag to store it. This way you avoid contamination of the freezer and possible stains on your clothes.

After two hours, more or less, remove the clothes and remove the gum as in the previous step.


Just like the cold, heat is also a good ally for removing gum from clothes. To do this, place a piece of cardboard on the ironing board and place the affected part with the gum on the cardboard and facing away from the iron. Hold the iron on the fabric for a few seconds until the gum sticks to the cardboard.

Then wash the clothes as usual.

Lemon juice and/or vinegar

Acidic products like lemon and vinegar are great alternatives for removing gum from clothes. But be careful: it’s not to pour lemon juice or vinegar directly on the piece.

Instead, pour about a liter of water and a glass of lemon juice or vinegar into a bucket. Place the garment in this mixture (or just the affected part) and wait about 15 to 20 minutes.

With the help of a blunt and blunt knife, start removing the gum from the edges.

After you’ve removed all the goo from the gum, wash your clothes in the conventional way.

Orange or eucalyptus oil

They say that orange and eucalyptus oils are also effective when it comes to getting gum out of clothes.

This technique doesn’t have much of a mystery. Just drip a few drops of one of these oils on the gum and start removing it with the help of a knife or spatula.

The only downside to this technique is that it leaves a grease stain on the clothes and that after removing the gum you will have to remove the stain as well.

Hot water

Hot water can also help you get gum out of your clothes. To do this, boil a liter of water and then put the clothes inside the kettle or pour the boiling water over the gum. You will notice that it starts to dissolve and you will be able to remove the sticky more easily.

Hair spray

Who knew that hairspray of yours could double as a gum remover? Well, it works! Hairspray works very similarly to ice, as it also has the power to harden the gum.

So just spray a little spray on the gum until you see it hardening. Then, with the help of a knife or spatula, start removing the gum.

This tip is very interesting for when you’re at a party or event and you can’t count on the other ideas above. Just ask the local hairdresser for help.

Precautions when removing gum from clothes

All the above tips are effective and really work, but some of them may not adapt very well to colored or dark clothes, nor to certain types of fabric. So, here are some tips to help you get gum out of your clothes without having another problem to solve:

Be very careful when using the hot water technique on fabrics that may shrink. When in doubt, check the clothing label.
Acidic substances such as lemon and vinegar can stain delicate and colored fabrics. A tip is to test a small area before performing the procedure.
Be careful when using knives to scrape the gum. Always use blunt and blunt models to avoid the risk of puncturing or tearing the fabric.
For colored fabrics, prefer cold or heat techniques.
If you choose the ice or freezer technique, make sure the gum has hardened well before you start removing it. And even if it’s hardened, you don’t want to rip the gum out all at once, take it out little by little, scraping along the sides.
Avoid performing the procedures under the sun, especially if you are dealing with acidic substances. The sun can stain and react with the products being used.
Always wash clothing after the gum removal procedure. This prevents stains caused by the substances used to remove the gum.
The sooner you can get the gum out of your clothes, the better. Over time, the gum will set in the fabric wefts and become more difficult to remove.

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