How to decrease humidity in the bathroom: simple solutions

If we have the opportunity to be building or renovating our bathroom, it is better to solve the problem of humidity early.

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Let’s not forget that the bathroom is a very humid environment. In fact, if we ventilate we will avoid the growth of fungi.

Here are some tips for you to reduce the humidity in your bathroom.

1- Open windows and doors

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It is essential that during the day, and even more so after each shower, the doors and windows of the bathroom must remain open to receive adequate ventilation.

2- An exhaust fan

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In case the bathroom does not have a window or is too small, the solution to the problem would be the installation of an air extractor. As we know, it fulfills the function of exchanging the enclosed air from the environment for the outside air, reducing humidity and also the bad smell it generates.

3- Take out the wet towels

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A recommendation when we finish showering is to immediately remove the wet towels from the bathroom so that they can air out.

4- Air dehumidifier

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The function of an air dehumidifier is to eliminate excess humidity in the environment. If we have it installed in our bathroom, after each daily shower it must be turned on for a few minutes to reduce humidity.

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