How to cut glass bottles with thread to make your own glasses

Without a doubt, in the world of creativity there are no limits, we say this because today we bring you an excellent and fabulous idea. It is about making our own glasses at home, but we must know how to cut glass bottles.

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For those who love the details that shine in the home, the key is not only in the furniture but also in the glasses that we use. Everything we have in our house tells us about the decoration, which can be original and cheap at the same time.

Before starting this procedure of cutting the glass bottles, it is recommended to wash the containers very well. Let’s remember that sanitizing glass is much easier than plastic, plus the bad smell goes away quickly.

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Glass bottle
masking tape
large container
A lot of ice
industrial alcohol
water sandpaper


First of all, we wash the bottle very well and with masking tape we proceed to mark. We do it exactly where we want to cut, a suggestion is that it is below the nozzle of the bottle and as uniform as possible.
Then, the bottle is wrapped with thread below where we have marked it, always very straight. We can give it several turns if the glass is thick, it must be done slowly and with the necessary time.
Next, we put water and a lot of ice in a container. We booked.
Next step, we proceed to wet the thread of the bottle with industrial alcohol and we do it with a syringe.
Then we remove the tape and very carefully set fire to the thread, once it goes out we submerge the bottle in ice water that we have reserved. At the moment you will hear a click, which is precisely the noise of the bottle being cut.
To finish, we remove the thread and we can now polish the edges of the glass in the water with the sandpaper. It is the safe way to avoid possible cuts and any other type of accident.

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Let’s remember that if you are going to use these glass bottles for glasses, we can make them with bottles of the same color. But, bottles of different colors can also be used, it is our choice, they will also remain as unique and original designs.

In the case of having within our reach any tool to carry out the cut, we must make sure that it works correctly. Otherwise, we can ruin the designs of the glasses.

Finally, if we love the details and decoration of our home, learning how to cut glasses evenly and precisely is essential. In addition, being economical, our glasses will have a very personalized touch.

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