How to cook cauliflower: benefits, how to preserve and essential tips

Benefits of cauliflower

  • rich in vitamin C and vitamin K
  • has significant amounts of calcium and magnesium
  • great ally in the treatment of inflammation, especially those of chronic origin, such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases
  • it contributes to the protection of cells and inhibits the formation of several types of cancer, especially those of the breast, esophagus, prostate and pancreas
  • beneficial for heart health as well, helping the heart muscle to become stronger and resilient
  • helps in controlling cholesterol
  • very effective in improving cognitive ability, especially in the elderly

How to cook cauliflower : pot, steam, oven, microwave or pressure cooking

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The type of cooking cauliflower affects the texture, flavor and preservation of nutrients. That’s why it’s important to know the different ways to cook cauliflower and, thus, to know exactly which one is the most suitable for what you intend to do.

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Common pot
The most common way to cook cauliflower is in a regular pot of boiling water.

The problem is that this is not the best method for those who want to preserve the nutrients in the vegetable, since most of these nutrients are lost.

But if this is the only way for you, ok!

To cook the cauliflower in boiling water, first wash and cut the bunches of vegetables.

Then add some salt to the water and place the cauliflower bouquets inside.

And if that strange smell of cauliflower cooking bothers you, the tip is to drip a few drops of lemon or vinegar in the water.

You can also add a little milk to the cooking water or even cook the cauliflower with some celery stalks which, in addition to leaving the vegetable with a special taste, also eliminates unpleasant cooking odors.

The average cooking time for cauliflower in boiling water is 10 to 15 minutes. To check if the cauliflower is done, prick it with a fork.

Depending on the preparation, the cauliflower may need to be more al dente (hard) or softer.

Another method of cooking cauliflower is steaming. This is even the most suitable way for those who want to preserve the nutrients of the vegetable.

To steam cauliflower, simply wash and cut the cauliflower bunches and place them on the pan’s basket.

Add water to the pan, about three fingers, and accommodate the basket with the cauliflower. Cooking time is about eight to ten minutes. Check the desired point with a fork.

Tip : To give the cauliflower a special flavor, cook it together with some fresh herbs such as rosemary, basil or thyme. Just put the desired herb in the basket along with the vegetable.

Pressure cooking
Cauliflower can also be cooked in a pressure cooker. This is the best method for when you have a large amount of cauliflower and want to cook it as quickly as possible.

Wash and cut the cauliflower bouquets and put everything in the pressure cooker. Cover with water and add a pinch of salt. You can add some herbs to add more flavor and aroma to the cauliflower.

Then close the pressure cooker and as soon as you get “pressure” count five minutes and turn off the cooker.

Wait for the steam to come out completely, open the lid and check the stitch. Remember that the pressure cooker cooks food more quickly, so be careful not to overcook the cooking time and let the cauliflower soften too much.

Did you know you can cook cauliflower in the microwave? Yea! For this you must wash and cut the bouquets and place them in a large glass dish.

Cover the cauliflower with water and run the appliance on full power for about four minutes.

In the oven
Cauliflower can also be prepared in the oven. The process is simple but a little longer.

Wash and cut the cauliflower bouquets, then grease a baking dish with olive oil.

Arrange the cauliflower so that the bouquets do not overlap one another. Season with salt, pepper and herbs.

Bake in the oven for about 35 to 40 minutes, turning the bouquets halfway through.

How to preserve cauliflower

You can choose to cook a large amount of cauliflower at once and then freeze it.

That way every time you want to eat cauliflower, just take a portion out of the freezer and that’s it.

To freeze cauliflower you must pass the vegetable through a process called blanching.

That is, first quickly steam it for about three minutes. Immediately after this time, pour the cauliflower into a bowl with ice water and ice, let it soak for another three minutes. Drain the water, store the cauliflower in small jars and put them in the freezer.

Now that you know how to cook cauliflower, just go to the kitchen and make your favorite dish with the vegetables.

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