How To Clean Your Kitchen Sink & Disposal Naturally With Baking Soda & Vinegar – Easy & Organic

We gonna show you the complete guide to cleaning your sink and disposal without using any

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All you’re going to need is:

baking soda
white vinegar
a sponge
a toothbrush

Start by mixing 5 tbsp of baking soda with one cup of vinegar and be careful because it is going to react.

You can use a cup of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of down dishwasher soap (if you don’t have the down it’s fine) to spray the entire thing.

We will let it sit for about 10 minutes and we gonna start scrubbing these chips with a toothbrush.

Next we gonna scoop some of the baking
soda from the bottom of the tray and
start scrubbing the sink and we are not
pushing hard because it has already been
soaking with the vinegar for about 15 or
20 minutes.

And now that your sink is completely clean you also have to clean the blades in your disposal. You can do this by closing some ice in the disposal and running it, that will clean the
Tips: normally when you eat lemons,
limes, oranges, you can store the little ends that are basically useless keep them in the freezer. Toss them out there so at the same time they will clean the disposal and make the sink
smell nice too.

You got yourself a brand new freshly smelling and shiny sink. Organic, no chemicals, no poisons
and it was done in about 20 minutes

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