How to clean the fridge and remove the bad odor

How to clean the fridge from the inside

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The inside of the refrigerator is the most difficult to clean, as it is precisely where the food is stored and, generally, all models of this appliance have several parts such as bars, shelves and drawers that need cleaning.

  1. The first step in cleaning your fridge is to completely unplug the appliance to avoid any damage or electrical shock.
  2. In the second step, remove all products and food from inside the appliance and leave them reserved in the kitchen.
  3. Check expiration dates, discard what’s expired, and check the jars with leftover food. Any stronger smell or color change in food is a sign that it is not good for consumption. Discard anything that looks suspicious, as spoiled food leaves unpleasant odors in the appliance.
  4. Foods that are good for consumption should be packed inside a cooler or styrofoam box with ice so they don’t spoil while you clean.
  5. Remove all removable items: shelves, racks, drawers, lids and wash with water and mild detergent.
  6. Avoid using strong-smelling cleaning products or chemicals in general. Make a solution of baking soda (1 tablespoon) diluted in 2 liters of warm water.
  7. Use a soft sponge or clean cloth to soak in this mixture and go through the entire fridge.
  8. Also clean the door and gasket, as it collects a lot of dirt and can be a nest of bacteria – don’t forget this part.
  9. Finally, pass a dry cloth all over the inside of the appliance, plug it back in and put the good food inside it.

Cleaning the freezer or freezer

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Most refrigerators have a freezer in the upper area and cleaning it requires specific care, which also depends on the technology of the appliance, that is, whether it is frost free or not. Here are more tips to keep the freezer clean:

  1. With the fridge off, remove all food and pack it in a styrofoam box to keep it frozen. On appliances without the frost free system, allow the appliance to defrost the night before, so that much of the ice crust will have melted. Frost free appliances do not require this step.
  2. Remove accumulated ice with a cloth dampened with warm water. Never use knives or sharp objects as they can damage your device and leave marks.
  3. Clean the inside of the freezer or freezer well with a soft sponge dampened with water and baking soda.
  4. Dry well and put the food back in the freezer.

See how it’s not so difficult to keep this part of the fridge always clean? Now here are the tips for you to clean the device from the outside:

How to clean the outside of the fridge

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Your refrigerator must be clean not only on the inside, but the outside must also be sanitized to prevent possible residues from entering and contaminating your food.

  1. Remove all dust and dirt with a dry cloth from the top, front and sides of the appliance.
  2. Do not use acidic chemicals or alcohol to clean the outside (or inside) of your refrigerator, as they can damage the coating on the appliance.
  3. Never use abrasives like steel wool or the green side of a dishwashing sponge, as they can scratch the enamel.
  4. Use a soft sponge dampened in water with neutral detergent and this is enough to remove the accumulated grease.
  5. Use a damp cloth to remove excess foam and detergent and then wipe with a dry cloth to dry the device well and leave no stains.
  6. It is also important to clean the back of your refrigerator, as this area usually accumulates dust that, over time, can compromise the correct functioning of the device.
  7. To clean the back of the refrigerator, unplug it from the outlet and use a brush, brush, duster or a dry cloth.
  8. Never use water or any cleaning product in this area. Once the dust has been removed, you can plug the device back in again.
  9. Make sure the model of refrigerator you have at home has a drawer in the back to collect water. If so, put a little bleach in that drawer to prevent the proliferation of fungi and even mosquito larvae.

How to get unpleasant odors out of the fridge

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The refrigerator is an appliance that usually gives off strange odors from time to time, so to prevent this from happening, or to neutralize the unpleasant smell, follow one of the tips below:

  • Place an open jar with baking soda inside the fridge;
  • Use an open container with white vinegar;
  • Place one or two charcoal pebbles in the fridge.

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