How to clean leather car seat

Leather gives a greater sophistication to the interior decoration of a car, and many people prefer the fabric compared to others. Although practical, it is

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It is important to take care with the products used for cleaning, especially not to damage or stain the upholstery.

Therefore, gather the following items for cleaning:

  • A soft sponge;
  • A bottle of liquid and neutral detergent;
  • A dry, soft flannel (lint-free)
  • A specific moisturizer for leather.

Shall we go step by step?

  1. First, lightly moisten the soft sponge with water;
  2. Add a few drops of neutral detergent;
  3. Then gently rub the upholstery;
  4. After passing the sponge on all the banks, pass the dry and soft flannel;
  5. Leave the car open for an hour to make sure everything is dry.

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