How to Clean and Shine Indoor Plant Leaves

The plants end up having dust on their leaves, either from the dirt that enters through the window from the street or from what is created inside the house. It is completely normal! Don’t worry, with these tips you will solve it in a moment.

Indoor plants, because of the dirt that comes in from the street, because of the dust that the room may have or simply because of the water used to spray them, their leaves can have dirty or stained leaves.

These spots on the leaves tend to accumulate and can stop looking shiny that plants usually have. To clean and polish the leaves of indoor plants, there are many products on the market.

Generally, a polish is used that is thrown on the leaves and with a cloth the leaves are cleaned giving them shine. But, this time, we are going to use one that, in addition to shining the leaves of the plants, will also nourish them.

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Plants can absorb fluid through leaves, and that fluid can be made up of different nutrients . Those nutrients can be nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium.

Thanks to this type of product called “brightener”, we have an alternative to feed the plants, thanks to foliar fertilizer . Without forgetting that we will also be able to clean them by giving them shine.

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You can find this product for sale on Amazon or any online store.

The process is very simple, it will be enough to spray the product or foliar fertilizer on the leaves. Thus, we will achieve that the leaves are cleaned and, in addition, the plants themselves will absorb the nutrients they need. Another option is to give the plants a shower.

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