How to clean a rusty stove top

Yes, the stove burner can rust. This happens when it gets wet and isn’t dried properly. When it has not been used or maintained for a long time. Excess fat can speed up this process as well.

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In case this happened to your stove, it got all rusty, calm down. There’s a way for everything. You will learn in a simple way how to clean a rusty stove burner and save your kitchen. Look that:

  1. First remove all burners and pans from the stove. Separate them. You can put them in the sink if you like.
  2. Then clean the entire stove with a sponge, sponge or steel wool in more extreme cases. Cleaning can be done with detergent or soap and water. You don’t need any extra products for a routine cleaning.
  3. Use a damp cloth to remove excess soap and let it dry. Avoid pouring water directly so that water does not enter the gas outlet.
  4. Now, on the rusty parts, apply vinegar and let it act on the area you want to clean for a while. Depending on the level of rust it can take an entire night, so be patient.
  5. To remove the rust and excess vinegar that remains, use a damp cloth.

There, your stove is clean and rust-free. See how to clean a rusty stove burner is simple. Just be patient. But to prevent it from rusting, always wash it with the dishes. Right after cooking, grease and food scraps can damage your stove over time. Stay tuned and take care that you don’t run out of your kitchen companion.

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