How to Clean a Dirty Iron

Is your iron swiftly collecting little burned bits in general achiness.

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We got three surefire ways to keep your iron operating in tip-top shape.

First let’s get rif of the gunk.

You’re gonna need a few dryer sheets and then you’re gonna set your iron on its lowest setting with no steam.
Once it gets warm just crumple up the dryer sheets and slowly scrub the gunk right off your soleplate.
If it gets too dirty or if your fingers just start to get hot, just switch to a new dryer sheet, that’s why we have a pile.
And there you go, the gunk just slides right off.

Having trouble with your steam setting?

Time to pull out the cleaning wonder tool, white vinegar!
Mix a solution of one part water to one part vinegar, then pour it in your iron steam chamber.
Next turn your iron settings to cotton and turn your steamer all the way up.
Keep steaming until your chamber is empty.
You don’t have to rinse it out. The great thing about the vinegar is that the smell will dissipate and it can’t hurt your clothes.

Finally! Burnt something on your iron?

Try this trick to remove it!
Mix a paste of equal parts white vinegar and table salt.
Then use a soft rag to rub that on the soleplate.

That’s it!
These tricks will keep your iron operating in tip-top shape.

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