How to clean a clogged stove burner

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The eye is not always attentive to the dirt on the stove. Often, when we clean the sink and wash the dishes, the stovetops only get a damp cloth on top. Enough of that. The place where the food is made also needs maintenance. So no excuses now. In this article you will understand why and how to clean a stove burner . So stick around until the end so you don’t miss any tips.

Why clean a stove burner?

For starters, it’s part of the dishes. You didn’t just use pots, pans and other items to make your food. You also used the stove as a tool. And, in addition to dirtying a lot, it can get clogged. Once the gas outlet is blocked you will not be able to light the fire for cooking. So, to prevent this from happening, learn to clean the stove burner now and get to work.

Why does the stove burner clog?

The reasons for a clogged stove burner can be diverse. That’s why the maintenance of each burner, trivet and the entire surface of the stove must be up to date. Clean frequently so you don’t get low heat or clog the gas outlet to the point where it doesn’t light up anymore.

As the holes in the mouth are very small, any food, grease or dirt can clog it. In some cases, even some dirt from the gas cylinder or plumbing, in the case of buildings, can come along with the gas and obstruct its passage. Keeping care and attention in the kitchen is critical to your safety as well. If the fire does not ignite and you forget to close the gas valve, you may have a leak and cause serious accidents.

How to clean a clogged stove burner

needles. Use needles. The sewing ones. Toothpicks too or any object that is firm and fits in the holes in each mouth. At least once a week, when you go to clean your house well, remember this detail. Unclog the burner with needles or toothpicks, removing any dirt that could clog the gas outlet.

Lets go to what matters
The stove, for those who are not used to it, can seem like a jigsaw puzzle. A complex machine full of fittings. But it only has two important slots that you will get to know about them now.

Stove mouth – It is the fitting that is on the gas outlet. It prevents the direct leakage of gas, distributing it through the holes around it, leaving that common appearance of the stove burner for those who see from afar, with several small flames.
Trempe – It is the grid where the pan is supported. It may be that the stove has one for each burner or even two huge grids covering the entire stove. This will vary depending on the brand of your appliance.

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