How to change the color of your succulents: easy guide

Without a doubt, one of the most popular plants is the succulent, since it needs little space and can grow both indoors and outdoors.

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The color of succulents is determined especially by the pigments present in them, which are chlorophylls (green), carotenoids(yellow and orange) and anthocyanins (pink, violet and blue).

Not all succulents change color, it depends on their genetic makeup. While there are some green succulents that turn purple during a certain time of year, there are others that never change color.

How to change the color of succulents

To change the color of your succulents you must intentionally stress them, but it is important to do it with the pertinent care so as not to affect our plants, without making radical or sudden changes and constantly check that we are not damaging them with the stress that we are causing them.

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How to Stress Succulents to Change Color

You can stress your succulents by altering lighting, watering, substrate, or temperature.

If your succulents are inside your house, you can give them more light, not necessarily natural, since the more light they receive, the faster they activate their pigments to protect themselves, and therefore they change color.

Also , you can choose to change how often you water it, but be careful not to wilt.

Another option is not to fertilize it, as this causes stress and will most likely change its color.

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Now that you know how to change the color of succulents, do it carefully and check that the type of succulent you have reacts well to the color change.

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