How to calculate your Correct Bra Size easily

Did you know that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size ? Not knowing how to measure the bust or not knowing the international sizes are 2 of the problems that cause it.

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Find out what your bra size is and how to identify it in any store in the world with this complete size guide.

Finding the perfect bra fit is no easy feat. Nor does it help that manufacturers design them in different sizes, or that stores do not have an equivalence table to choose the perfect bra.


The first thing to keep in mind is that there are factors that indicate that a bra size is wrong for you. Pay attention to the following points:

  1. It hurts you or squeezes you too hard. We know that a firm and raised chest is the purpose we seek, but why risk your comfort? As much as a bra raises your breasts, if it hurts, it’s not your size and you should change it.
  2. Press on the sides. Even if it doesn’t hurt your chest, if a bra is too tight on the sides causing the appearance of a roll, consider changing the size, as it is very possible that you have chosen a contour that is too small.
  3. Itchy. Yes, because when a bra is not suitable for you, it will hurt you and cause itching, especially due to friction with the skin.
  4. Leave daily footprints. If you are wearing the wrong bra size you will see it when you take it off: you will see marks on the shoulders, the contour or the back.
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Here you will learn to know your bra size, but more importantly, you will choose based on the comfort it provides you, because a good bra will not hurt or squeeze you, but will enhance and stylize your bust.

To begin with, you have to know that a bra has 2 parts : the number that indicates its band size and the letter that represents the cup size.

The contour is represented by a number and refers to the part of the bra that surrounds the body ; the bust corresponds to the cups that support the chest and is represented by a letter. To know the exact values, you must measure your bust and contour without clothes, and when you are not in your menstrual cycle, since on these days the volume of the breast increases.

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Measure your bust ( cup size ). In front of a mirror, take the tape measure and wrap it around your body. Place it just above the nipples, the most developed part of your body. Don’t squeeze. Write down the value that the tape measure throws.

Measure your girth ( band size ). Wrap the tape measure around your body and position it just where your chest ends (below the bust) and the body makes an indentation. Do not tighten and try to make it just right or a little loose. Write down the values that the tape throws. The band size is always less than the cup size.

This trick is very simple. You just have to write down the resulting measurement of the contour ( band size ) and then add 15 to it. For example: 74 + 15 = 89. Rounding the bra size that corresponds to you would be the closest to that value. In this case, the closest size would be 90. Let’s go with the cup, which is represented by a letter.

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To know the cup you only have to subtract the value of the contour in cm from the bust measurement ( cup size ). For example: 92 – 74 = 18. This result must always range between 12 and 24.

How to interpret the value of the cup:

Between 12 – 14: corresponds to cup A.
Between 14 – 16: corresponds to cup B.
Between 16 – 18: corresponds to cup C.
Between 18 – 20: corresponds to cup D.
Between 20 – 22: corresponds to cup E.
Between 22 – 24: corresponds to cup F.

In this case, the resulting size would be a 90C. In this way you can get the bra size that corresponds to you and show off a firm and beautiful neckline.

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