How to build a dog house in 10 steps

Our pets also deserve to have a place to sleep, one of their own, their special little house. We know that acquiring one can be really expensive, even more so due to the amount of materials and accessories that are usually placed on them. Fortunately, we can make a dog house ourselves with easily available materials.

For the surface of the house you will have to obtain 18 mm oriented strand boards , they are the most used in constructions and in the creation of basses for sounds or players, in addition, they are cheaper and easier to handle. In addition to this, the materials you must obtain are:

Assembly adhesive, it is very similar to glue but this is for construction.
Lag screws measuring 4 x 40 mm
Sealing paint for the surface
Oil or plastic paint for the final finish
American tegola for the roof of the house
Door stopper

Step one for the realization of the dog house

Here you are going to mark the materials that you will use to make your pet’s house, specifically its structure and you must use a jigsaw that must be adjusted at 45 ° with a wood blade.

0 66

Pieces for the roof of the house

You must cut the shape in which you will make the roof of the house for your dog, the saw must be placed horizontally.

1 81

The way to the entrance to the dog house

Create a template that has a size proportional to that of your dog, because that will be the entrance of his new home , you can play with the design.

2 72

Shape the entrance

With the saw, start cutting what will be the entrance to the dog house.

3 66

Remove the dust from the wood and sand the remaining areas
Take all the ends of the wood and go over the sandpaper so that they are completely even.

4 75

Begin to give general shape to the house

With the mounting adhesive, you begin to join each of the previously cut wooden planks to start assembling the house. Use the lag screws so that the house has consistency .

5 59

Use the sealing paint to start the finish

You are going to paint the entire facade of the house with the sealing paint, in this way everything will be uniform , this is prior to the final painting.

6 56

It’s time for the final finish

We recommend using oil or plastic paint because it is the most resistant to humidity and high temperatures. Choose the color of your preference.

7 49

Put the roof of the dog house

This is where you make use of the American tegola with the adhesive that you used to join the plank pieces.

8 37

And finally, you place the house in the place you want

These are all the steps you must follow to obtain this great result, your dog will have the best house and all thanks to your creativity and disposition.

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