Homemade tricks to eliminate the grease that gets embedded in the oven door and glass

Certainly, there are certain areas of the home where it is a challenge to keep it thoroughly clean. This is the case in the kitchen and especially the oven, which often turns yellowish or has a greasy texture.

Generally, with daily use, you can see how the oven door, the glass and the rubber bands are put on. Perhaps when we clean it we think more about the interior of the oven and we give it more importance. But we must pay attention, since fat also accumulates on the door.

The recommendation is ecological products, that is, kitchen paper or a lint-free cloth.

Cleaning the oven glass

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We know that we can get commercial products to carry out this cleaning, but this time we will see how to use ecological and economical products to prepare these homemade formulas: the protagonists are baking soda and vinegar.

  1. Clean the glass with vinegar
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We start by preparing in a spray bottle, whatever we have on hand and pour 1/3 of white vinegar and 2/3 of warm or hot water. Mix and spray this formula over the entire surface of the glass and let it act for 15 to 30 minutes, the longer we leave it, the better.

Next step, we remove with the help of a sponge or kitchen cloth all the dirt and accumulated grease. Also, the procedure can be repeated, both inside and outside and on its sides. Even when we recall the product, the recommendation is to do so vigorously.

  1. Clean the glass with baking soda

When the fat is deeply ingrained or there are even traces of dirt, it is best to use baking sod .

In a bowl we add the baking soda and water until we get a paste, then we apply it all over the door including the glass, let it act for about 15 minutes.

When the exposure time is over, we remove everything by rinsing with hot water is better. We must make sure that there are no traces of the product, so we finish it by wiping it with a damp, lint-free cloth and finally drying it with kitchen paper.

Cleaning the oven rubbers

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Most of the kitchen models have thin rubber bands that surround the oven door incorporated around the oven entrance, with the formulas that we saw previously they are also very effective. In the same way, we dry them with kitchen paper and we can even let them air out a bit.

Obviously, with regular use, grease accumulates and over time gives off a bad smell, so it requires deep cleaning and keeping it that way.

It is important to handle the rubbers with great care so as not to detach, break or stretch them without realizing it.

Another recommendation is that if we observe that they are very dirty and it is not worth cleaning them , perhaps it is best to change them directly. It is something simple to do, it is not expensive and we can only buy a model compatible with our oven.

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