Homemade Bombs to Clean the Toilet in 5 minutes

The bathroom is one of the most visited spaces throughout the day, so it should not have an unpleasant odor or be dirty.

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Next, we show you how to make homemade bombs to clean the toilet in just 5 minutes.


1 cup baking soda
1/4 cup citric acid
1 tbsp liquid soap
10 drops of lemon essential oil
15 drops of peppermint essential oil

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In a glass container, mix all the ingredients.
We add the oils last and very carefully, the reason is because we have to prevent the citric acid from causing reactions.
Once everything is well integrated, if you notice that it lacks moisture, then you add a few drops of water.
To stir the mixture, use a wooden spoon and pour the preparation into a mold. We can use a mold with small measures or a straight mold, and then we cut them individually in the form of pills.
Let dry for 1 full day in a dry and dark place.

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To achieve a deep clean, place a tablet in the toilet tank, at the bottom of the water. Also, place another pill at the bottom of the same toilet and let it act for 10 to 20 minutes. Remember that they are effervescent tablets and you have to let them act, then press the button and the water will be discharged.

Also, we can make this mixture using soap powder. But, to moisten you can use alcohol or white vinegar, once the right texture is obtained we can mold the bombs or balls.

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