Growing bean sprouts with plastic cups in only 4 days – few people know

Simple bean sprouts cultivation – How to grow sprouts at home.
We are gonna show you this awesome and easy method.

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First of all you will need some beans to put into water for 5 hours.

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While your beans stay in water, you will need to prepare the plastic cups. You will have to make some holes in the bottom of the plastic cup… like this.

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After the 5 hours have passed you will need to rinse the beans and put them in the plastic cups.

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Over the beans put some paper towels soaked in water.

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Place the cups in a larger container that you can close it pretty good.

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After 1 day you take the cups out the container and rinse them like this so you fresh them up. You can already see some progress.

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Then you put them back in the container and close it for another 3 days.


The process is complete after the 4 days of easy work. Your sprouts should look a lot like these ones.


If you need to see this process more detailed, you can watch the video:

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