Great ideas to make crafts with cardboard boxes

Recycling boxes is an excellent way to help the environment, plus doing so will give them a use at home and they won’t pile up.

There are several possibilities for its recycling, and in this article we will present the ones that seem most ingenious to us.

You will love it!

1- Cereal Box Organizers

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If you have scattered papers on the table and a good pile of unsorted magazines, turn your cardboard cereal boxes into easy organizers decorated with washi tape.

2- Cardboard kitchen for your children

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Create a wonderful world without spending so much.

3- Cardboard shoe rack

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Shoes arranged in a very ingenious way. Forget about having them lying around!

4- Organizer boxes

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If you need to organize your things, try these beautiful lined cardboard boxes to keep everything in its place. They look fantastic!

5- Memory game

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Bored of the typical games? Create your own game with cardboard scraps. With this game you will help your family’s memory to activate and be more agile.

6- Flying cars made from cardboard boxes

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Your children will spend unforgettable afternoons playing with them. Give them a unique childhood!

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Source: Handfie

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