Giving your child a good night kiss is more important than you think

Undoubtedly, the expressions of affection and love by parents towards their children are fundamental in the emotional development of children.

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In fact, hugs, kisses and gestures towards them are essential indicators that will give children security. But, not only does it have to do with demonstrations of affection, but it also shows the children very present, protective parents who have their support.

Many times it happens that while children are young, parents find it easier to hug, kiss and pamper them. However, as they grow older they move away from their parents a bit, in addition to daily stress and lack of time.

However, it is essential to spend enough time with children so that there is that daily connection. Expressions of affection and especially kisses and hugs before going to sleep should not be lacking.

The power of kisses

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The gesture of kissing our children or our partner is wonderful, in fact they have great meaning. Careful attention must be paid not to let the fast-paced daily life deprive us of showing the affection we have for family members.

A kiss given from full consciousness

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Kissing children is not only a sign of love, but without a doubt, kisses from dad and mom have great powers.

We speak of healing powers because they comfort and contain our children, an example is when children fall and cry breaks out, only the kisses of the mother or father soothe the pain of the moment.

And as the children grow up and perhaps things are not going well, it is then that the comfort and the kiss of the parents calm the sadness and uncertainty.

Our parents’ kisses not only convey love, support, trust, and motivation, but also mark presence and connection. It is even an excellent way to strengthen the relationship with your children and make sure that they will always be by your side.

The day should not end without kissing our children

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First of all, let’s not allow the routine full of hurdles due to responsibilities that only brings stress and overwhelms us so much that we neglect the most important thing in life.

So, let ‘s focus on what is essential, not blame ourselves, but modify the routine to give the children the quality time they require.

The value of the goodnight kiss

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Without a doubt, the best way to connect with your children is to kiss them good night. A kiss that is given with all our senses and especially with all our hearts, a moment of pure connection.

What it means for children to fall asleep with this moment of affection, the most wonderful way where children rest with the memory of the caress, the kiss and the ” I love you ” of mom and dad. This strengthens his self – esteem and confidence, because he feels loved and important.

Parents also benefit from kissing their children before going to sleep, since in this way they regain calm, having a positive effect.

To conclude, there is nothing better than parents saying goodbye to their children with a kiss at night and before bed, quality time even for a little while on the edge of the bed with them but with the heart

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