Giant ‘Family Beds’ – Perfect For Parents Who Co-Sleep

Bed designers Taylor & Wells have created “the Family Bed XL,” a 12 foot mattress that’s equivalent to two California Kings.

Disclaimer: please consult your doctor to determine if co-sleeping is right for you, and to discuss possible risks. 

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Controversy over the family bed, or co-sleeping seems to pop up every now and again. Those against co-sleeping say it forms unhealthy sleeping habits for both parents and child.

But in most societies around the world, children sleep with their parents at least for the first several years of their life. Advocates of attachment parenting argue co-sleeping is a natural bonding experience which ensures everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

If you do co-sleep, you might feel a little cramped in any bed size less than a king mattress. But as kids get older and like to climb into their parents’ bed, even a king size isn’t large enough. And for large co-sleeping families, a king just doesn’t cut it.

So, bed designers Taylor & Wells have created a solution with “the Family Bed XL,” a 12 foot mattress that’s equivalent to two California King mattresses combined. Yowsa! The 12 Foot Family Bed is “ideal for the perfect movie night with adjustable friendly options.”

Take a look at the photo of the couple in bed, how many times would you have to roll over to reach your partner?

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According to the company’s website, “The Family Bed XL” is designed for extreme comfort for the entire family. “This amazing mattress uses luxurious materials that provide the perfect sleeping experience. This also includes cooling gels and supportive memory foams allowing the maximum comfort available.”

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The mattress alone costs $2,300, but then you’ll have to add in the cost of two California King Frames if ordered with Standard or Low Profile Foundations ($90 each). Also, you’ll need to factor in the cost of sheet sets and comforter available; the Family Bed Sheet & Comforter set will run you $400.

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