Garden for impatients: 9 Vegetables – Harvest faster

In every project it is long does it take before seeing fruits. The same happens when we have a garden at home.

However, for those of us who are impatient we bring you some vegetables that can be harvested quickly

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However, we must bear in mind that when starting a garden at home it can take months for the first harvest to arrive. But, for that reason you can select plants that grow faster and even before they are 1 month old.

1) Watercress: Harvested in 10 days

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The cultivation of watercress is very easy, provided it receives sufficient moisture. In addition, you do not have to wait for it to become an adult to be consumed:

Once we get the seeds, we place them in a rich soil and leave it in a sunny place for a few hours a day. The watering should be constant.
After 10 days, the plants will be about 15 centimeters high, it is the precise moment to cut the first 10 centimeters of each one with a knife.

2) Green onion: It is harvested in 21 days

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We all agree that scallions add that special touch to meals, which is why this fast-growing vegetable is worth growing.

First of all, we must choose a soil with a balanced pH and that does not get soaked, so we are going to plant it in a sunny or shady place.
When the 21 days have elapsed, we can make our first harvest with the help of a knife, cut the base of the green onions. But we must not lift the earth, surely if we do this the harvest will stop and care must continue for more shoots.

3) Radishes: Harvest in 22 days

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Without a doubt, for radishes the ideal climate is cold and full sun so that they develop faster.

It grows at any time of the year, requires little space and on the third day you can already see the first shoots.
After 22 days it can be removed from the ground, but by pulling off its leaves with great care , remember that leaving it longer loses the flavor and the texture is ruined.

4) Lettuce: Harvest in 30 days

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The lettuce the can plant at the same time as the vegetables mentioned above, in fact while some already are ready to lift, we hope to lettuce.

As a first recommendation, we plant the lettuce in a cool and airy environment , leaving the necessary space between the seedlings according to the size of the leaves.
Keep in mind that several types of lettuce can be planted in the same place. When harvesting, we must grasp the base firmly and remove it from the ground.

5) Spinach: Harvest in 40 days

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Spinach also has its place in soil that is very rich in organic matter and must be partially shaded. To clarify, a little sun and a little shade throughout the day would be convenient.

However, it is not recommended to consume spinach every day, it is a vegetable that contains oxalates but in excess is harmful to health.

6) Arugula: Harvest in 40 days

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In the case of arugula, it has the same formation period as spinach, a food that provides a lot of iron.

It can be planted in soil very rich in organic matter and kept humid, and the place should be sunny during some hours of the day.
At harvest time, the base is cut off and a small piece is allowed to sprout.

7) Carrot: Harvest in 50 days

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The carrots are a must in our garden, also in less than two months we already have it on our table.

At 50 days, we proceed by firmly holding the base of the leaves that are off the ground and gently pull . Always firmly because baby carrots will appear that will be the harvest.
Finally, we wash them very well and ready to be used in our meals.

8) Beet: Harvest in 50 days

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The beet is a vegetable fortunately also can take advantage before 2 months, the leaves can be enjoyed 30 days when harvesting.

Sowing should be done preferably in the autumn and spring months, because they are cooler. It is a plant that does not like very hot weather.

9) Zucchini: Harvest in 50 days

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For the zucchini, find a well-ventilated corner outside the house, preferably in a place with a lot of heat and humid soil. In addition, it has to be rich in organic matter.

The advantage of zucchini is that when growing in the ground, it is easier to observe its development and know when it is the right time to harvest.

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