Forget Q-tips! Here’s how you should be cleaning your ears!

NYU Otologist Erich Voigt explains the proper way to clean wax out of your ears. Many people think Q-tips can help keep ears clean, but this isn’t the case.


“The simple answer is that you shouldn’t put Q-tips into your ears. I believe there’s a warning on the box that says ‘Do not insert it in your ears!’.

There are people who are using Q-tips either on their children on to themselves where they’re pushing the was in and the ear canal which is about an inch long, keeps producing wax.

The normal flow of the wax which is supposed to be from inside out and it’s supposed to flow by itself actually it can’t flow out anymore so it starts buildiung up on itself and rolling on itself and it becomes denser and denser and it actually I don’t even think has a shut off out because the wax can be like a rock at times.

There are occasions while I will in fact have to remove this small brown crayon amont of wax out of someone’s ear because it’s built up so much.

I have seen situations where people have perforated their own eardrums by putting Q-tips in.

The best way that I recommend for people is when you’re washing your hair and showering is to wash your ears with soap and water and then use your towel on your finger to sort of mop out the water and any was that might be on the outside and don’t put anything on the inside.

If your ear is clogged, if there’s wax stuck inside you really need a medical professional to get it out for you.”

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