Follow these 10 tips from a professional gardener to improve your garden and get everything blooming

Taking care of a garden is not as simple as it seems, you have to have certain implements that allow the correct growth of plants. Now, when it comes to pots, some important aspects must be taken into account: their location, care, etc. That is why today we are going to provide you with some tips and advice that professional gardeners apply so that their gardens are unique and remain in good condition at all times.

This type of information is extremely important not only for gardeners but for all people who have even one plant. Pay attention and start implementing these techniques in your home as soon as possible.

Remove dry leaves from your plant as soon as possible

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As soon as you notice that your plant has dry leaves, you should remove them because these cause fungi , these can harm the growth and health of your pot and ideally it should last for a long time.

Set a watering schedule

In addition to having a certain irrigation time, make sure that the water pressure is not so strong because the following situations can occur: The stems break, fungi take possession of the plant or the soil fills with too much air, this is harmful.

The pot must be bigger than your plant

This is one of the things that you must take into consideration, if you notice that the pot is smaller than the plant then you should look for another one, because the correct growth of the living being is sought, if it is in a reduced space then you deprive it.

The smaller the pot, the more water it needs

This is due to the amount of substrate that the pot has, in this sense, make sure that the small pots get the greatest amount of water during the irrigation schedule.

Fertilizer is imperative for your plants

You must fertilize the land from time to time, but do not do it daily because everything in excess is bad, you can damage the tree or flower you have planted.

Orchids are grown in pots

Pots are not good places to plant orchids because they need containers with holes on the sides so that their roots come out and photosynthesis is carried out correctly. The pots are ideal, locate them and start growing your flowers.

Water your plants well

You will know that you have done a good job when the remaining water comes out exclusively through the special drainage holes, otherwise you are harming your plants.

All pots must have drainage

If yours do not have it, then the roots of your trees, flowers or plants in general are going to rot and that is not the idea. Replace them as soon as possible.

Take care of the type of pot you choose

Take into account environmental factors, plastic pots tend to deteriorate in a short period of time and do not work if you are going to have your plant in contact with the sun at all times. Look for strong and durable materials.

Forget the garden soil

At the time of plants, it is necessary that you acquire a special substrate and not garden soil because we are not sure if it is fertile or if it has fungi.

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