“FlyLady” method to clean and tidy your entire house in just 15 minutes

When we clean our entire house in depth, we can spend the whole day in dust, dirty clothes, dishes waiting to be washed or accommodating closets about to “explode”.

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Sometimes time is not enough to keep the house “squeaky clean ” unless you apply the FlyLady method to clean and tidy your entire house in just 15 minutes.

– What is the FlyLady method?

Keeping the whole house in order without spending all day cleaning is now possible thanks to the FlyLady method, an organization and cleaning system to make your home a more welcoming space.

Its proposal is based on creating routines to keep the house “squeaky clean” effortlessly, because the idea is not to spend too much time on housework but only 15 minutes, as you read it, FlyLady consists in that when it comes to cleaning let’s focus on specific spaces for 15 minutes at a time so we don’t lose valuable time that we can spend as a family.

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– How much time do you spend cleaning your home?

According to a survey conducted by the American Cleaning Institute, an average person can spend up to 6 hours tidying up every corner of their home, since we normally only spend one day a week to deep clean.

– How to do the FlyLady method step by step

Write down the keys to this innovative method and start applying it. I assure you that as soon as you notice the big difference, even your mood will also improve.

– The rule of 15 minutes a day

As we mentioned before, this rule is the basis of the method, the only thing you have to do is dedicate 15 minutes a day to clean and tidy a space in your house, in fact, to prevent you from going over time, the organizer herself invites use a timer and clean as soon as it goes off, try it and tell us everything you have time to do.

woman organizing clothes in wardrobe, putting shirts in boxes, baskets into shelves. clothes neatly folded after laundry. concept of minimalist lifestyle
Woman organizing clothes in wardrobe, putting shirts in boxes. Concept of order, minimalist closet, japanese t-shirt folding system and clothes storage

– Keep the sink “squeaky clean”

Having a clean sink at home is one of the images that instantly fills us with peace, and it is not that we have to clean it in depth, but rather keep it clean, empty and dry, because according to the FlyLady method it will encourage you to keep more clean things at home.

My favorite homemade trick to leave the sink impeccable is white vinegar, lemon and baking soda, try it and you will be amazed.

You need:

  • 1/3 cup baking soda
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • The juice of 1 lemon
  • Bowl
  • soft bristle brush

Mix all the ingredients perfectly well in a large container and wait about 15 seconds before using it because it has an effervescent effect.

Start cleaning your sink or sink faucets with the soft bristle brush and the mixture you just made.

Then, leave a little of this mixture resting for about 1 hour on the parts you want to clean and brush gently again so you don’t scratch the stainless steel. Finally, clean with a cloth.

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Dress up and put on shoes !

It may seem strange to you, but according to the new tidy guru, people feel and act differently when they are fully clothed, even if they do not leave the house, as this makes us feel ready for anything and avoids excuses to stop do some housework, for example, take out the garbage.

– Divide your house into zones and order as much as possible in 15 minutes

Do not wander from one space to another, when you are ready to clean, choose an area of ​​your house and do not leave there in the established period, you will find yourself in the same space until the 15 minutes run out and so on.

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– Create a weekly plan

For FlyLady, keeping track of the tasks you have to do will mean that you do not waste time and those 15 minutes are well spent.

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